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Welcome to Livia Polymer Bottles Pvt. Ltd.

Home Livia Polymer Bottles Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's leading Companies engaged in the manufacture of high quality PET and PP containers, jars and bottles in various sizes, shapes and colour.

Liquor, Candies, Honey, Cashew, Pickles, Spices, Dates, Date Syrup are to name a few from the kaleidoscope of products that get packaged in the finest PET containers manufactured by Livia.

With conscious responsibility towards the society, Livia offers employment to significant number of people from rural areas surrounding the factory, of which considerable numbers are women.

Livia also boasts of eco-friendly manufacturing environment.

500-member strong team consisting of well-trained engineers and very dedicated work-force, supported by excellent infrastructure and professional working environment ensure that Livia Polymer delivers always best products to its customers.

Quest for quality

Quality is a commitment at Livia. Product parameters are monitored and controlled by fine equipment.
A dedicated Quality Assurance department ensures that the products delivered by Livia are of excellent quality. The ever expanding list of Livia's satisfied customers stands testimony to its quest for quality.